Music Therapy with Military and Veteran Populations

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Combining essential information, professional insights, and lived experiences, this book offers a unique overview of the use of music therapy with active-duty service members, veterans, and other military-connected populations in the United States. Contributors include music therapists specializing with the military, as well as military personnel, veterans, and their families, providing an in-depth review of the impact that music therapy can have within this community.

Detailing the historical evolution of the approach within a military context, the book explores the integration of music therapy into traditional treatment programs for service members and veterans particularly those with TBI and PTSD. Chapters cover the use of music therapy in both individual and group settings, and the opportunities to facilitate therapy via virtual platforms. Throughout, it emphasises the importance of music in military culture, highlighting the benefits of this approach with military communities. Personal accounts from military families are also included, as well as discussion on continued clinical and research innovation within the field.

The first book to address this growing practice, it will inspire, inform and empower therapists and professionals working with and supporting military populations.
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