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All About PDA

An Insight Into Pathological Demand Avoidance
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All About PDA follows in the best-selling footsteps of Kathy Hoopmann's All Cats are on the Autism Spectrum and All Dogs have ADHD. Through engaging text and full-colour photographs, this book shows how PDAers see and experience the world and highlights the unique characteristics that make them special.

A perfect introduction to PDA for those recently diagnosed, as well as their families, friends, and the people who work with them!
  • Published: Oct 21 2024
  • Pages: 80
  • ISBN: 9781839977565
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Press Reviews

  • Summer Farrelly They | Them Inclusion Advocate, Public Speaker, Educator & Consultant.

    Kathy Hoopmann's Introduction to PDA lives up to expectations by providing readers with an authentic insight into the experiences of a PDA child. By presenting relatable life scenarios, it effectively bridges the gap between PDA readers and their peers, family members, educators, and the wider community. This book offers an understanding of the daily challenges and internal struggles faced by individuals with PDA. It is an essential educational resource for schools, classrooms, and allied health waiting rooms.
  • Laura Kerbey MBPsS. BSc (Hons), PGCE, PGCE (Autism), NPQH Founder - PAST – Positive Assessments Education Support and Training ©

    All About PDA is a wonderful book that simply, but beautifully illustrates the characteristics of PDA. The use of beautiful photographs of animals will help readers of all ages gain a greater understanding into this sometimes complex and misunderstood condition. In particular I believe this book will benefit children who have recently been diagnosed. It will be an excellent addition to the ever growing and much needed library of books on PDA.
  • Heidi Brandis, PDA Parent, Occupational Therapist, Author WA Autism Parent Handbook and Founder PDA Perth WA Parent Community & Support Group

    Kathy Hoopmann has captured the enigma that is PDA in this delightful book! I only wish it was around years ago to help us navigate our parenting journey. Neurodivergent and neurotypical families may recognise the at-times highly entertaining, and at-times rather hair-raising rollercoaster ride, of PDA life. Beautifully illustrated with photos from the animal kingdom All About PDA is a heartfelt, helpful and hopeful introduction to PDA.
  • Sally Canadine (she/her), Registered Counsellor and Director of PDA Talk. BScAPsyc(Hons), BEd(Prim), GDipCouns.

    Kathy skilfully demystifies the PDA profile in this vibrant and engaging book; a delightful read for adults and children alike.
  • Professor Tony Attwood Clinical Psychologist MSc, PhD(Psych), AFBPsS, MAPS, FCCP

    At last, we have a simple and insightful guide to PDA that uses humour and captivating photographs. Parents and professionals will avidly read every page to discover and explore the world as experienced by someone who has a PDA profile.
  • Dr Theresa Kidd (she/her), Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Director, B.Psych(Hons.), PhD (Clinical Psychology), MACPA, FAPS (CCLIN), MAACBT, MAADPA, MAusPATH, MWPATH

    This delightful book provides insight into how demands may feel for PDAers. Simultaneously, readers gain a comprehensive understanding of this complex profile while being equipped with helpful ways to offer support.