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Tackling Selective Mutism

A Guide for Professionals and Parents
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Bringing together the latest research and understanding on selective mutism, this edited book gives essential information on the various treatment and therapy options. Experts in the fields of speech and language therapy, psychology, music therapy education and communication offer a wide range of professional perspectives on the condition, while case studies from people with selective mutism, past sufferers and parents reveal the personal impact. The book also clarifies what support a person with selective mutism is likely to need at home, school and in social situations.

This definitive volume on selective mutism will be key reading for professionals such as speech and language therapists, educational psychologists, child psychiatrists, child and adolescent mental health workers, teachers, SENCOs and anyone working with selective mutism in therapeutic and educational settings, as well as family members wanting a closer understanding of what selective mutism is and how they can help.
  • Published: Sep 21 2014
  • Pages: 312
  • 228 x 154mm
  • ISBN: 9781849053938
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Press Reviews

  • Aimee Kotrba, PhD, clinical psychologist, President of the Selective Mutism Group, USA and Owner of Thriving Minds Behavioral Health

    Tackling Selective Mutism highlights the need for multi-disciplinary treatment and delivers the structure for successful collaborations and interventions. Providing many different perspectives on the diagnosis, treatment, and experience of those with selective mutism, this is a must-read for parents and professionals!
  • Professor Sir Michael Rutter, Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London

    This book provides a wise and thoughtful account of the numerous practical challenges involved in the provision of services for individuals with selective mutism, as well as helpful guides on how these challenges may be best met.
  • Dr Stasia Cwenar, educational consultant, academic and teacher educator

    Education Today
    Tackling Selective Mutism is a comprehensive and holistic guide for professionals and parents with valuable contributions by professionals, practitioners families and their children... A case study approach is crafted across chapters, giving authenticity and voices that come alive... Four part of the book reflect current understandings of mutism and communication difficulties, support, intervention strategies and future developments.
  • Judith Saunders, Principal SLT, Cwm Taf University Health Board

    Afasic News
    A very powerful perspective is offered by the personal accounts from children, young adults and their families highlighting the impact of SM, their journey to gain appropriate support and the positive accounts of those who have overcome SM... The book offers an international perspective on treatment approaches as well as offering information about effective care pathways and the importance of multi-agency approaches to assessment and intervention... This book provides a wealth of information about SM and is an insightful read for professionals and families.
  • NAPLIC Matters

    There are not many books that can be recommended to families and professionals alike but this book would be useful to both as it gives insight from the child's perspective... This book therefore provides a well rounded view of the effects of SM and the factors which may inadvertently reinforce the continuation of the selective mutism... The book is a wealth of useful information around the topic and pulls together a range of research and influential people in the field. It would be useful to both parents and professionals alike.
  • Jill R Bennett

    Red Reading Hub blog
    This book is edited by two experts who have brought together research and practice in a manner that can be useful to anyone who has dealings with a child who in certain situations (often at school) is persistently mute but uses spoken language in other situations ... Many voices - those of children and young people, their families and professionals (speech and language therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, educators, music therapists)- are included and offer a variety of perspectives... The book also includes an extensive list of references and a useful resource list. All in all, this is an important book that brings together much that is of interest to anyone who works with children and young people with SM
  • Kirsten Halliday, MT and AT team co-ordinator, Blossom House School

    British Journal of Music Therapy
    This book is a useful resource on a number of levels. It highlights the need to recognise SM earlier, to raise awareness of the condition in nursery and primary school staff, and to provide early and appropriate intervention and support... Chapters are written by different professional including educational professionals and psychologists, speech and language therapists, social workers, and youth and play workers... the authors also highlight the long-term impact of SM on social experiences of making friends, building up experiences of the subtle art of social interaction, and the influence and impact of this throughout adolescence and on to successful adult relationships...range of approaches are described and highlighted with insightful case studies... It also offers some really useful and creative ideas together with structures and sensitive approaches for working with children and young people with anxiety... Non-verbal play, role-play and interaction are used to elicit communication in a playful way... It provides thought-provoking chapters as to how we might approach our work with children with SM and what music therapy could offer them and their families, as well as the teams and institutions that we work within.