Working with Sex Offenders in Prisons and through Release to the Community

A Handbook

Working with Sex Offenders in Prisons and through Release to the Community is the first study of its kind to look at a wide range of issues and problems relating to the management of sexual offenders in prisons and their reintegration into the community. Spencer's analysis of the delivery of prison-based offence-specific programmes, both within the broader context of criminal justice systems and the community provides valuable insight into the relationship between prisons and other agencies dealing with sex offenders. Spencer makes a strong case for implementing treatment for sexual offenders within prisons, as well as the need for support and supervision in the community once released. His multi-agency approach is an innovative and cohesive strategy for effective interventions, and highlights major issues which need to be addressed so that programmes stand a chance of succeeding in a penal setting.

The issues involved in the setting up of programmes, the creation of the right environment, and the support and training of staff, are universally applicable; as are discussions of risk assessment, the links between victims and offenders, sex offenders in special hospitals, women as sex abusers, the use of pornography and sexual offender notification. This book is essential reading, not only for specialists in the field, but also for students and professionals working in related areas.
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