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The Essential Guide to Safe Travel-Training for Children with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities

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For those growing up with an intellectual disability or autism, comfortable, safe and independent travel will prove an invaluable life skill. The key to pursuing fulfilling work and leisure activities and developing as an individual, it also brings a liberating level of self-sufficiency and reassurance of equality within society.

Arriving at this goal can be daunting. Dr Gallimore's straightforward five-step system will guide parents and professionals through successful training for children of any age and ability. Focusing on understanding each child's individual goals and challenges, it gives you the 'ingredients' needed to fully prepare for each journey in advance, and shows how to judge when to step back and let the child progress alone. Addressing specific fears and obstacles that make travel difficult for children with learning difficulties, it sets out all the precautions necessary to safeguard children and others as they learn to reach their chosen destinations.

Clear-cut and far-reaching, this book is enriched by Dr Gallimore's extensive experience as a psychologist, mobility specialist and travel-trainer. It is a heartening resource and will be necessary reading for anyone working with a child to get them on their path to independent travel.
  • Published: Mar 21 2017
  • Pages: 216
  • 234 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781785922572
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Press Reviews

  • Eileen Lyons, Department of Education, Transition to Post School for Students with Disabilities, Northern Sydney

    Desirée Gallimore's well-structured lockstep 'bible' on travel-training will go a long way to alleviating the valid concerns and fears that plague families and carers when considering independent travel for people with a disability. She skilfully debunks many of the myths associated with independent travel whilst stressing the fact that it is a life changing/door opening event for people of all ages. This is an important and highly recommended book for all concerned with maximising the independence of every person with a disability.
  • Dr. Michael Farrell, private consultant in special education and author of Educating Special Students (3rd edition)

    In this excellent volume Dr. Desirée Gallimore gives the reader the understanding and confidence to teach students safe and independent travel. The book engagingly balances great expertise with solid common sense applied to a vitally important topic. Congratulations to author and publisher for producing a winner!
  • Bonnie Dodson-Burk, Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist, Pittsburgh Public Schools

    This book is must-read for everyone who provides travel instruction! An expert instructor describes the specialized teaching strategies and sequence of instruction she has used for decades. The case studies show how the crucial elements of an effective training program yield success. I recommend this invaluable resource to all of my colleagues.