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Symbols of the Soul

Therapy and Guidance Through Fairy Tales
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Fairy tales are part of our culture and history. They have been with many of us since we were children. During the last 20 years there has been an increasing interest in psychoanalytically-orientated interpretation of fairy tales, opening them up as a medium for therapy.

The authors show that fairy tales can be used in therapy and guidance in a number of ways and on many different levels. They found that using such stories in their daily work proved beneficial for staff-members and patients alike, generating a response of interest, attention and sensitivity, underlining their point that fairy tales have an impact on, and importance for, everyone.
  • Published: Mar 01 1993
  • Pages: 144
  • ISBN: 9781853021077
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Press Reviews

  • from the Foreword

    `the book...has many of the best qualities of fairy tales. Its descriptive style is lucid and simple. It contains many pointers and signposts which provoke the readers curiosity. There is transparency and verbal economy... Because it links the `once upon a time' world with greater access to that of everyday, [the book] is highly recommended.'
  • Contemporary Psychology

    `This is a wide-ranging, eclectic look at the profundity of fairy tales and their ability to draw clients into a secure space in which they can explore their own feelings and preoccupations through the story form. The authors draw on their clinical experiences and describe a number of case studies throughout the text.'
  • British Journal of Psychotherapy

    `...much to please the followers of Bettelheim and his classic text in this area...people interested in myth, narrative and archetypes will find much to enjoy...a useful collection for anyone interested in using story in therapy.'
  • British Journal of Psychiatry

    `There are a number of valuabe aspects to this book...the introductory chapters and the discussion of therapy with emotionally deprived children are clear and worth reading.'