Self Experiences in Group

Intersubjective and Self Psychological Pathways to Human Understanding

Using clinical examples, the contributors demonstrate the 'good enough' healing power of carefully constructed and supervised groups conducted by therapists who apply both Kohut's self psychological concepts and those currently evolving from intersubjectivity throughout the world.
Among the topics covered in this volume are:
- the recent advances in hermeneutics, self psychology and intersubjectivity theory
- the universal need for a group object
- Kohut's thinking on archaic and mature twinship
- the applicability of new infant research
- the need to examine early childhood multiple cross-cultural selfobject and traumatic experiences within transferences
- the utilization of a co-therapy model
- and how to create optimal group environments.

Mixing new theoretical developments with clinical research and practice, Self Experiences in Group breaks new ground and illustrates how these concepts can be applied to work at infant, child or adult level.
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