Psychodynamic Perspectives on Abuse

The Cost of Fear

Psychodynamic Perspectives on Abuse brings together psychoanalytic psychotherapists, political theorists, organisational consultants, social workers and social policy academics to explore the nature and ramifications of abuse in a new light.

Abuse is defined broadly and considered as a widespread phenomenon with a variety of manifestations. Its consequences and their implications for intervention are discussed in detail with reference to three areas. In the clinical context, the focus is on overcoming the impacts of abuse on an individual's development, relationships and ability to participate in society. In the workplace, addressing the effects of abuse on working relationships can maintain or restore competence and effectiveness and reduce costs to both individuals and organisations. At the level of policy, understanding the dynamics of abuse can enhance the ways policies relevant to abuse are developed and practitioners who implement them are supported. Psychodynamic Perspectives on Abuse is unique in its range and focus.
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