Preventing Violence in Relationships

A Programme for Men Who Feel They Have a Problem with their Use of Controlling and Violent Behaviour

The Preventing Violence in Relationships programme has been developed by Gerry Heery through his independent work in this area. It is intended for those men who are beginning to realise that they have a problem with their behaviour and who are motivated to engage in a challenging programme of change. It has been designed in co-operation with other agencies working with the victims of domestic violence, and has incorporated the views of women who have experienced this behaviour. The first part of the book outlines the values upon which the programme rests - the belief that adult education and greater self-awareness can assist people to make positive changes in their lives. The second part is a practical guide to implementing the PVR programme. It contains detailed outlines of the 26 sessions of the one year programme, offering a practical, structured way of working with controlling and abusive men, and examples of sessions from the programme. This is a realistic, honest and practical book, which will be a useful tool for anyone working with controlling and violent men and their partners.
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