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Men in Early Years Settings

Building a Mixed Gender Workforce
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Silver Award Winner at the Nursery World Equipment & Resources Awards 2019

This book explores the role of male professionals in early years settings and provides guidance for early years practitioners, managers and policy makers on building a more mixed-gender workforce by successfully attracting, recruiting, retaining and developing men in their teams.

Men make up less than 2% of the early years workforce in England. This book considers the reasons for the current situation, asks whether there is a case for change and suggests ways of achieving a more mixed-gender early years workforce. The voices of male and female practitioners, providers and parents help to illustrate the barriers to men entering and successfully working in the sector, whilst also suggesting ways these barriers can be broken down.
  • Published: Nov 21 2018
  • Pages: 240
  • 229 x 178mm
  • ISBN: 9781785922213
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Press Reviews

  • Neil Leitch, CEO of the PreSchool Learning Alliance

    Men in Early Years Settings is an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of the current gender imbalance in the early years workforce and the cultural and political reasons behind it. Essential reading for anyone looking to understand the barriers to recruiting men in the early years and what practical steps the sector can take to start making a change now.
  • June O’Sullivan, CEO of London Early Years Foundation

    As someone who has been campaigning to increase men into childcare, I congratulate the authors for this very informative book. All of the key issues related to encouraging men to work in childcare including the barriers to entry, public perceptions and attitudes, the idea of multiple masculinities and benefits to children are fully covered. While 97.8 % of staff in the sector think a gender balanced environment is good for everyone, the authors reminded women of their power to make the sector positive for men by creating the right approach and environment from recruitment to retention. If we are to prepare children for the future world we need them to see we can build positive relationships with both men and women.