Listening to Young People in School, Youth Work and Counselling

Effective work with young people requires empathy and understanding. This accessible book captures the reality of young people's experiences, their relationships and the things that are important to them. Using in-depth examples from his many years' experience as a teacher, youth worker and psychotherapist, Nick Luxmoore outlines a creative approach that will enable professionals to respond appropriately to the complex needs and sometimes demanding behaviour of young people.

Luxmoore describes the dynamics of young people's relationships, offering original insights into

* the ways in which young people approach intimacy and manage secrecy and privacy

* their relationships with siblings, friends and adults

* their anxieties about themselves and their identity

* how they interact with strangers and strange situations.

This sensitive, accessible and practical book will enable professionals in teaching, counselling and youth work to listen to young people, to understand their needs and to support them effectively.
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