How We Feel

An Insight into the Emotional World of Teenagers
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How do young people really feel about themselves, their friends, their families, their teachers and their lives in general? What makes them feel good or bad, and how do they cope? How We Feel is alive with teenagers' personal accounts, drawn from the uncensored responses to a questionnaire completed anonymously by almost 2000 teenagers. This innovative and accessible book shows, largely in their own words, how young people really feel about themselves and the world around them. They speak about school, parents, siblings, peers, romance, good looks, jealousy, bullying, sex, drugs, normality and difference, their joy, pain and confusion, and everything else.

In the final section, a range of professionals who work with young people contribute their views on how parents, teachers, and other service providers can play a role in getting things right for the young people about whom they care.

The book will be essential reading for families who want to understand their teenagers better, and for everyone who lives or works with young people.
  • Published: Mar 01 1997
  • Pages: 250
  • 233 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781853024399
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Press Reviews

  • Clinical Child Psychology And Psychiatry.

    `It is a well written, easy to read book on occasions amusing. However, for experienced professionals it is perhaps worth reading just to re-establish that the experiences of young people are varied and each individual needs to be listened to in his or her own right.'
  • British Journal of Educational Psychology

    `The book is recommended for those who like lots of text and who are not too concerned about rigorous empirical data but more interested in hearing young people's voices.'
  • Play Matters

    `The contributing professionals offer many practical suggestions as to how parents and adults can play an active role in getting things right for the teenagers in their care. A revealing, insightful read.'
  • Adoption UK

    `I found much to read and learn from this book.'
  • Parentwise

    `The book's claim that it is `an insight into the emotional world of teenagers' is certainly valid in my opinion, and would therefore provide valuable reading for parents, youth leaders, teachers and other professionals alike.'
  • Newslink (Newsletter of the Clifford Beers Foundation)

    `…provided…a sense to read on page after page until I'd finished the book. The book provides a very valuable insight into the attitudes of this group of young people towards the people and issues surrounding their everyday lives. The book emphasizes the value of listening to those in our care and in so doing illustrates just what we can gain. Thoughtful reflection on the words and thoughts of the young people surveyed is indeed a revealing lesson. This very readable book should appeal to all those `older and wiser' who come into contact with teenagers.'
  • North-West Evening Mail

    `What do teenagers feel about school, families, their peers and topics such as romance? These and other questions are answered with surprising candour in a survey carried out in Glasgow two years ago. This book should be on the bookshelves of every school staffroom.'
  • Young People Now

    `Two-thirds of this book is findings, largely without commentary since the authors have tried to `allow the results to speak for themselves'...These unexpurgated findings make interesting reading and certainly provide young people with a voice…There is no doubt about the commitment of the professionals who have made contributions to the book.'
  • Isis

    `…the overall picture is of sensible, likeable young people trying to find their way in a confusing and demanding world…adults must listen. The second part of this interesting book contains useful comments, corroboration and wisdom from a variety of experts…I especially appreciated the chapter by Susan McGinnis of Strathclyde University, giving her personal reactions to the survey.'
  • Journal of Psychiatric Case Reports

    `How We Feel is an excellent resource for all adults who come into contact with young people on a regular basis. The text is well organised, accessible and carefully constructed for maximum communication in minimum time…As well as being well written, this book offers sound advice…The book offers an opportunity to exorcise the outmoded infantile-grandiose view of `children are to be seen and not heard' and promote a culture where young people are valued and where they understand the reasons why clear boundaries are set in order to mediate social behaviour and interaction…Illustrations are used throughout the book and form cheerful and well-chosen statements which underline important points within the text. The appendices and indexes are very useful and the `How we Feel' questionnaire is something many teachers and health professionals alike will want to use as a valuable adjunct to their work…it is highly recommended that all teachers as well as health professionals concerned with teenagers…should read this book carefully and act upon what they read. A rich, edifying book, How We Feel is a seminal guide for everyone who cares for children.'
  • Education and Health

    `For anyone wanting to know what it is really like to be a young peron, this is the book to read…I recommend it as an ideal resource for getting in touch with the harsh reality of young people's lives.'