Helping Families in Family Centres

Working at Therapeutic Practice

The first text to look in detail at the delivery and management of therapeutic work in family centres, this much-needed book gives practical guidance for professionals working with children and families. The contributors show how family centres form a key element of `joined-up' work with families in need, providing both practical and emotional support for parents as well as children.

Based on a psychodynamic approach emphasising the central importance of attachment in relationships, the book also applies systemic ideas and the `therapeutic community' approach to the overall design and management of the centres. Particular examples of therapeutic interventions discussed include play therapy with children, systemic work with black families, working with men, and early intervention. The book is a comprehensive guide for family centre workers, their managers and senior managers, and for all social workers working with children and families. As family centres are becoming an increasing focus for multi-agency work, health visitors, teachers, and mental health professionals should also find the book useful, as should policy makers at all levels.
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