Good Practice in Working with Victims of Violence

Drawing on the experiences of practitioners from a range of backgrounds, Good Practice in Working with Victims of Violence is a comprehensive study of real or threatened physical violence and its consequences. The book balances this professional expertise with personal accounts of children and adults who have been subjected to violence, with a view to understanding the emotional and psychological effects of their experiences. A broad spectrum of issues are covered, including:

* working with children who have been subjected to violence

* working with men who were sexually abused in childhood

* workplace bullying

* victims and mediation

* lesbian and gay experiences of crime and violence

* war trauma and the aftermath of violent political division

* violence in prisons.

The contributors analyse the effective delivery of support, assistance and therapy to victims, focusing on practical methods, techniques and skills. The personal accounts also provide a unique perspective. This book is essential reading for all professionals working with victims of violence.
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