Getting Wise to Drugs

A Resource for Teaching Children about Drugs, Dangerous Substances and Other Risky Situations

Getting Wise to Drugs is a resource for use with children aged between eight and twelve years. It comprises exercises centred on illegal drug use, medicine use and safety, solvents, alcohol, tobacco, crime and other anti-social and risky activities.

Fully photocopiable, it features a comprehensive introduction to the programme, followed by 20 exercises grouped into blocks of five, one for each year within the age range of the book. Each exercise is intended to last 30--45 minutes, and can be used in a classroom or other group situation. Each block of five exercises covers the following topics: knowledge and information, risk assessment, consequences, and handling situations.

Getting Wise to Drugs is an ideal complement to the authors' previous bestselling titles for older children and young people, Understanding Drug Issues, Second Edition and Understanding Street Drugs, Second Edition (both Jessica Kingsley Publishers).
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