Family Support

Direction from Diversity

The contributors to this topical volume explore the role of family support in promoting the welfare of children and their families. They show how children can be supported in the development of their full potential despite adverse experiences. Family support enables children to access the variety of resources available to them in the multiplicity of contexts in which they live.

Family Support: Direction from Diversity integrates concepts and experiences from an international perspective, different levels of analysis (society, community and family) and different loci of intervention (education, social services and local government). Specific areas covered include:

* principles of family and social support

* social networks and social change in the family and the community

* reciprocal support between families, schools and the community

* restoring the balance of control between parents and children

* supporting young people who misuse drugs.

Family Support presents current knowledge about family support and sets out directions for future developments in thinking and service provision.

It shows how an understanding of the complexity and potential of family support can inform and enrich the work of educators, professionals, service providers, policy makers and academics.
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