Conduct Disorder and Behavioural Parent Training

Research and Practice

Progress made with children with conduct disorder in specialist schools often does not transfer to the home, but this book shows how behavioural parent training and applied behaviour analysis can help professionals work with parents to continue improving their child's behaviour.

Conduct Disorder and Behavioural Parent Training provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of conduct disorder and the individual, familial and social factors that influence the development of persistent antisocial behaviour. The author presents thorough evidence for the effectiveness of the following aspects of behavioural parent training:

* compliance training

* encouraging good behaviour through praise, enthusiasm and attention

* using `time out' as an effective punishment technique

* transfer of improvements to school setting

* effects of treatment on the child's siblings.

He considers the relative impact and costs of different settings for parent training, and outlines ethical issues and future directions for research in this area.

This book is essential reading for all professionals involved in the care of children with conduct disorder, as well as psychology and social work students and academics.
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