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Children's Rights in Education

  • Editors
    • Malfrid Grude Flekkoy
    • Martha Farrell Erickson
    • Cynthia Price Cohen
    • Stuart Hart
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Providing perspectives, insights and recommendations, this is a comprehensive overview of the current state of children's rights and education around the world. Written by experts in their fields, the book includes chapters on:

national accountability

how international standards can be implemented

the rights of children with special needs

respecting children's views in education

education and democracy

how the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child can be implemented.

This authoritative and thought-provoking volume will be essential reading for anyone involved in, or concerned about, the rights of children in education around the world.
  • Published: Jun 15 2001
  • Pages: 240
  • 231 x 161mm
  • ISBN: 9781853029776
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Press Reviews

  • Youth & Policy

    Children's Rights in Education provides important insights into the current state of children's rights internationally and succeeds in raising a range of important questions of interest to practitioners working with children across different fields. It would be useful for those seeking to develop better awareness of the legal and political machinations in establishing children's rights agendas in exploring key underlying themes and would be a useful reference for work in this area.
  • International Social Work

    Much valuable material on an important topic.
  • Young Minds Magazine

    The book expands upon the themes of the first International Conference on Children's Rights in Education., held in 1998. The aim of that conference and of the book is to 'advance respect and support for children's rights and the full development of children through education' is a philosophical and academic discussion of the benefits to society of respecting and recognising the rights of the child

    Compiled with the Human Rights Act in mind this book explains what rights children have in education in the UK. Includes sections on the rights of children with special needs, how international standards can be implemented and respecting children's views in education. A must for anyone who is interested and concerned about the rights of children in education.