Child Welfare Services for Minority Ethnic Families

The Research Reviewed

Based on extensive studies into child welfare services, this important book brings together research into what works in service provision for minority ethnic families. Reviewing studies of the nature and adequacy of the services provided, and the outcomes for the children and their families, this book provides much-needed guidance for policy and practice around issues of cultural and ethnic background and identity, and puts forward suggestions for future research. The authors consider in particular:

* the complex needs and identities of minority ethnic families who might use child welfare services

* how families using social services view current practice

* the impact of the formal child protection and court systems on ethnic minority families

* placement patterns and outcomes for children from the different minority ethnic groups who are in residential care, foster care or adopted

* cultural issues and `matching' the social worker to the family.

Drawing on current government statistical returns and the 2001 national census, this wide-ranging analysis challenges dated research and practice and proposes a revisionary agenda for future research and culturally sensitive child welfare practice, making it essential reading for all child welfare professionals.
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