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Building on Bion: Branches

Contemporary Developments and Applications of Bion's Contributions to Theory and Practice
  • Editors
    • Robert Lipgar
    • Malcolm Pines
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This book has contributions, largely related to group analysis, from an international selection of well-known group analysts, psychologists, psychiatrists and academics. There is a very clear overview and précis of Bions's thoughts by James Grotstein followed by ten chapters each developing an aspect of Bion's ideas and work'.

- Journal of Analytical Psychology

'Intended to deepen understanding of Bion's significant contributions in addition to assisting practitioners in the field of group analysis, these volumes constitute an impressive tribute to Bion, his work, and its current and future applications.'

- Hamilton Alumni Review

The enduring influence of Bion's work - the many rich applications of his ideas to group psychology, organizational dynamics and group therapy in the present day and looking to the future - is the central theme of this book. Chapters by distinguished international contributors from the fields of psychoanalysis, group analysis, management consultancy and social science cover work with large groups, Bion and the Tavistock conferences, and his ideas about thinking and learning, dreams and mentality. They clearly demonstrate Bion's originality and passion as he sought the distinctive essence of psychoanalytic learning and how such a pursuit and such learning can be shared and advanced. This is a collection of original and insightful papers which, along with its companion volume Building on Bion: Roots, deepens understanding of Bion's contributions to theory and practice, and is invaluable to those who work with groups, in both therapeutic and management contexts.
  • Published: Nov 15 2002
  • Pages: 320
  • 231 x 158mm
  • ISBN: 9781843107118
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