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Autism - The Search for Coherence

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Autism - The Search for Coherence takes a multidisciplinary approach to autism, its causes and treatments, bringing together contributors from different fields - psychology, medicine, education, biology - from around the world. The very latest scientific and clinical research is presented and discussed by experts, and questions such as the structure of thought and the nature of autism are analysed. Parents and teachers describe practical strategies which have proved successful and give their views of the treatments currently available.

Autism - The Search for Coherence shares the knowledge accumulated by all fields studying autism to provide a greater coherence to our understanding of it. It is a significant contribution to the literature, and will be welcomed by all those working with autistic people.
  • Published: Apr 10 2001
  • Pages: 532
  • 233 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781853028885
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Press Reviews

  • Louissa Plasto, Senior Teacher

    I can recommend this book as an honest, sensitive and informative discussion of the many aspects of autism. I found Autism: The search for Coherence to be useful, instructive and valuable. I would recommend it to any other professional or parent who is interested in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • International Journal of Disability, Development and Education

    Bringing together scientific, therapist, teacher, and first person accounts, this book helps to lead the reader to a re-evaluation of beliefs about autism and to consider the range of perspectives in forming their own personal coherence. This process would be of value to a researcher designing a study and to any person directly involved in the care of those with autism. Finally, this book may also be of interest to new students wishing to gain a broad, current view of the area and to parents of children with autism.
  • Speach

    This is an easy to read book which accumulates the knowledge and expertise of many professionals as well as personal experience. The book gives a good overview of the field of Autism and how extensive it is. It presents opinions and views of experts and professionals as well as some of the most recent research in the area. The book covers the medical, psychological, educational and biological aspects of Autism and helps us to understand the disorder from each of these perspectives. The most enjoyable and touching aspect of the book is the final section, Personal Stories. It brings to light the determination and hopes that families have.