Assessing Men Who Sexually Abuse

A Practice Guide

Providing practical guidance on the best way to assess sexual abusers, this book fuses contemporary theory with an awareness of the subjective nature of the work. Assessment in various (clinical, legal and statutory) settings is considered and an overview of assessment methods is presented along with a detailed exposition of techniques. Previously-neglected aspects of work with sexual abusers are dealt with and links are made with fundamental aspects of risk assessment.

'A thorough and detailed overview of all the issues associated with this area of work, and in doing so provide[s] a useful and concise starting point for any newcomer to the field. The book appears to touch on all (or at the very least the key) areas of assessing those who sexually abuse. The reader can choose to read the whole book, concisely compacted into 160 pages and gain a good insight into this whole area. Alternatively, one could delve into the chapters or sections that are of primary interest and still obtain a good overview of that area and come away with a number of references for further information.'

- Forensic Update
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