A Systemic Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa

Women in Transition

Written in an accessible and jargon-free way, this original approach to working with women who have bulimia nervosa is based on research showing that bulimia nervosa involves interpersonal, social and societal factors as well as the cognitive, developmental and behavioural aspects that have been the focus of much professional intervention to date. Carole Kayrooz shows how people seeking to understand and emotionally support women with this complex problem need to be able to work with all these dimensions. Her book is one of the first to interpret the disorder within a systems framework and to present a detailed systemic model for its treatment. By applying systems theory to the problem, the author highlights its contextual nature.

The practical application of this multi-dimensional, systems-based understanding to treatment practice is demonstrated through three in-depth case studies. This book is essential reading for psychologists, counsellors, therapists, social workers, and health professionals working with this group, as well as for people suffering from bulimia nervosa and their families.
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