Working with Carers

A complete guide to working with carers, this volume provides a general overview of all the issues involved. The recent surge of interest in the needs of carers is placed in its context of social policy, legislation, demographic trends and changes in society. General theories of assessment, groupwork, stress management and problem-solving are applied to working with carers, and suggestions for good practice are underpinned with references to relevant research, policy documents, and the views of carers themselves. Thus the book achieves a balance between day-to-day practicalities and wider preoccupations.

Each chapter covers practical issues and ends with a summary of good practice guidance for practitioners and managers. The author emphasises that carers are not an homogeneous group, and includes chapters specifically on working with young carers, with carers of people with mental health problems and of parents of children with disabilities. Her clear style and sensible approach ensure that the book is appropriate for practitioners at all levels of experience.
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