Choosing a Groupwork Approach

An Inclusive Stance

How do you choose an appropriate approach for working with each different group you come across? Grounded in systems theory, Oded Manor's model provides a framework that bridges the gap between overly prescribed schemes that do not always meet clients' needs, and open ones that fail to provide sufficient details about practice.

The book includes detailed discussion of actual transcripts of working through stages with the same group, and analysis of published accounts of working with very different groups. Constructing a framework around a universal paradox, Manor demonstrates how to identify the needs of each particular group and plan, facilitate and monitor that group effectively.

In-depth understanding of each group's dynamics encourages practitioners to generate their own approach to meeting clients' needs in a variety of practice contexts.

Accessible and thoroughly researched, this book will enable professionals in the fields of social care, health and mental health, probation, education, youth work, psychology and counselling to practice creative and effective groupwork
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