More Than Words

Promoting Race Equality and Tackling Racism in Schools

Young people develop their value systems during their school years, offering the perfect window of opportunity for educators to challenge prejudice and promote race equality during these formative years. Yet, as teacher training is increasingly school-centred and school budgets are stretched more thinly than ever, most teachers do not feel they have the time to develop the language or skills to do so.

More Than Words is an easily implementable tool for all educators - teachers, senior leaders, governors and support staff - to help them look beyond fire-fighting racist incidents to create long-term systemic changes. Supporting teachers in a non-judgemental fashion, this book dismantles any myths they may be harbouring so they can engage with issues with an open mind, allowing them to create positive change. This comprehensive guide helps school staff to create a safe, inclusive and supportive environment for all young people.
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