Developing Identity, Strengths, and Self-Perception for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The BASICS College Curriculum

The BASICS College Curriculum presents a hands-on approach to learning essential independence and life skills for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The second book helps young adults to explore their identity and self-perception and encourages them to consider their personal characteristics and strengths, to help navigate college life more easily and to provide a starting point for thinking about future careers.

Ideal as a textbook for ASD college programs and suitable for students to use for self-study, it focuses on reframing the student's perception of ASD by looking at personal experiences, the language of diagnosis, and ASD in the media and it encourages students to identify their strengths in social, group or work settings. Each chapter has a lesson-based progressive structure, providing valuable information and advice for the student, useful diagrams, practical exercises and workbook components that can be filled in at home or in class. Self-assessment tools ensure the skills from each chapter can be reviewed and adjusted as necessary.

The book can be used on its own or in conjunction with the other BASICS curriculum books to further develop essential life skills.
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