The Arts in Health Care

A Palette of Possibilities

Describing current initiatives in the use of the arts in health and health care, this book will stimulate wider interest in the therapeutic aspects of the arts. It covers a very wide range of subjects under the general heading of 'the arts' - from painting to architecture, from music to reminiscence, and from writers-in-residence to food.

Adopting a practical approach, the contributors aim to help clinical and professional staff at all levels in health care settings to introduce and develop the use of the arts in their own spheres of influence. They show that the arts must be an integral part of people's lives and stress that environment and the arts can affect the individual and aesthetic stimuli can change mood and behaviour, and possibly aid recovery.

They examine many aspects of the use of the arts, including:

getting started, whether from scratch or by renovation;

involving the community;

involving different user groups, such as older people and people with learning disabilities;

evaluating the effect of the arts on patients' recovery and on staff attitude;

examples of projects that have already been set up.

This book is intended to help professionals to improve the quality of life of those in their care. It stresses the importance of continuing development and the need to evaluate the use of the arts and expenditure on them.
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