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The Asperkid's Game Plan

Extraordinary Minds, Purposeful Play... Ordinary Stuff
  • Author
    • Jennifer Cook
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The Asperkid's Game Plan looks from the inside at the learning style of children with Asperger syndrome and explains how to introduce structured play that engages Asperkids and explicitly addresses ASD weaknesses while reinforcing ASD strengths.

Showing how just about anything can be turned into an opportunity for learning and growth, the book is full of go-to ideas for making simple play equipment in the home or classroom and using it to develop core skills that Asperkids struggle with, from fine motor and social skills, to planning and organization. Whether it's origami math, fried marbles, or a bug's eye view scavenger hunt, every game, project, and idea in the book is explained with clear directions and learning objectives and illustrated with color photographs.

Jennifer O'Toole's enthusiastic approach and fun lessons, based on Montessori principles, will inspire and motivate parents, educators, and therapists to make purposeful play a part of every Asperkid's day.
  • Published: Apr 21 2014
  • Pages: 248
  • 219 x 213mm
  • ISBN: 9781849059596
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Press Reviews

  • Jodi Murphy, founder of Geek Club Books and mother of an Asperkid

    Score! Jennifer Cook O'Toole wins again with The Asperkid's Game Plan, and so do we - the teachers, parents, and clinicians who are looking for ways to be better communicators and educators for our Asperkids. Every child wants to learn, especially those on the autism spectrum, and it's up to us to reach and teach them using methods that will foster their unique abilities and learning strengths. O'Toole's 'Game Plan' is insightful, empowering, and packed full of 'purposeful play' activities that are easy to do and mind-blowingly fun!
  • Stephen M. Shore, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Special Education at Adelphi University and internationally renowned author, consultant and presenter on issues related to autism

    With the precision of a scientist combined with the artistry of an experienced educator, Jennifer O'Toole has crafted a game changer of a curriculum in the holistic education of children (of all ages!) on the autism spectrum. "Standard" school subjects are seamlessly integrated with developing greater understanding of the self and the universe surrounding us all. This resource is invaluable to anyone wanting direct instruction in successfully educating those with autism - and everyone else as well.
  • Debra Houssini, parent and founder of The Art of Autism

    Jennifer O'Toole's new book The Asperkid's Game Plan is loaded with fun and educational activities that will keep your child engaged at home, in the car, and on those long, boring vacation drives. Jennifer outlines different learning styles so that the reader can assess their own child to find the right activities that will help with such things as attention, reciprocity, sensory issues, auditory processing and identifying emotions. In each chapter she targets a specific psycho-social skill with a fun activity using every day materials from your own home. The Asperkid's Game Plan is a well-thought out book that presents an alternative to tedious exercises. Suggestions for academic and educational reinforcement are included. The beautiful colors and layout of the book presents a delightful, instructive book that will benefit any child.
  • Cara Koscinski, occupational therapist, author of The Pocket Occupational Therapist for Families of Children with Special Needs and mother to two children with autism

    Jennifer O'Toole has created a colorful and brilliant work of genius. Therapists of all disciplines will cherish this book. It is a must-buy for every clinic! Jennifer has broken down each awesome activity into its component skills so you don't have to when treatment planning! It is guaranteed to spark creativity while teaching skills for success! What could be better than pairing fun activities with learning? A definite must-read.
  • Red Reading Hub blog by Jill Bennett

    This is a companion volume to the author's excellent The Asperkid's Launch Plan and is another veritable treasure trove of ideas, this time over one hundred engaging, purposeful play activities to use with young aspies, all of them designed to make learning fun. There are activities for team building - something aspies have to work hard at, activities to develop listening skills, activities to help in the development of relationships and emotional awareness, others to encourage flexible thinking and problem solving. All are written by a mother and educationalist who herself has aspergers; they are so enjoyable they can also be used with neuro-typical children.
  • Helen Beckett, PTUK Accredited Play Therapist and Editor

    Play for Life
    Jennifer Cooke O'Toole has previously worked as a social worker and a teacher... she herself has Asperger's Syndrome, as does her husband, and their three young children. It is this personal experience which particularly comes out in her writing and causes this book to stand out from other books on this subject... The main aim of this book is (...) to offer practical ways of helping children with Asperger's to begin to process and understand abstract ideas such as teamwork, anxiety management, communication and emotional awareness... This is done through using concrete, real things that can be seen, touched an smelt... The book is well presented... Would make a useful addition to a play therapist's shelf... Anyone working with children with Asperger's would find it a useful book to be able to really grasp what it is like to live with Asperger's Syndrome.