Odyssey Now

The first book to make literature accessible to people with learning disabilities, Odyssey Now is a dramatisation of the story of Odysseus through a variety of interactive games for developing communication skills and as a means of implementing a multi-sensory approach. It is designed particularly to include people who have profound, severe or multiple learning disabilites, but it can be used or adapted for any group of adults and children who have communication problems. Suitable for use in schools, colleges, social education centres or the home, it can also be used in mixed ability groups and to promote integration between groups with special needs and non-disabled people.

Each interactive game includes: suggestions for suitable music, pictures, colours and other resources to accompany the game

a storyline

guidelines for staff members

a summary of the purpose of the game

suggestions for adapting the game for people with visual impairments.

Included with the games are advice on organising such a programme, suggestions for record-keeping and tips for adapting the games.
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