How We Feel

An Insight into the Emotional World of Teenagers

How do young people really feel about themselves, their friends, their families, their teachers and their lives in general? What makes them feel good or bad, and how do they cope? How We Feel is alive with teenagers' personal accounts, drawn from the uncensored responses to a questionnaire completed anonymously by almost 2000 teenagers. This innovative and accessible book shows, largely in their own words, how young people really feel about themselves and the world around them. They speak about school, parents, siblings, peers, romance, good looks, jealousy, bullying, sex, drugs, normality and difference, their joy, pain and confusion, and everything else.

In the final section, a range of professionals who work with young people contribute their views on how parents, teachers, and other service providers can play a role in getting things right for the young people about whom they care.

The book will be essential reading for families who want to understand their teenagers better, and for everyone who lives or works with young people.
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