Free Yourself from Emetophobia

A CBT Self-Help Guide for a Fear of Vomiting

Emetophobia can have a huge impact on daily life, from avoiding certain foods and alcohol to worrying about travel, pregnancy, hygiene and caring for loved ones when they are ill. This self-help guide will help you to better understand emetophobia and give you the tools to overcome it.

Using proven cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) including exposure and response prevention (ERP) techniques, this book will support you to:

· Understand what emetophobia is and what keeps it going
· Identify your problems and goals
· Set out a step-by-step plan to challenge and defeat your emetophobia
· Overcome common challenges and setbacks.

The book also includes guidance on medical treatment and advice for friends, partners and family of adults and young people with emetophobia.
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