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Remembering Lucy

A Story about Loss and Grief in a School
  • Author
    • Sarah Helton
  • Illustrator
    • Anna Novy
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Joe and his friends miss Lucy very much.

When she died and they learned they wouldn't see Lucy again they were all very sad.

But Joe has a plan: he can remember the happy times he shared with Lucy!

He thinks about all the wonderful things Lucy did. How messy she was when she was painting, and the time she giggled through the school play when her crown kept slipping off. Now Joe knows that remembering Lucy means he doesn't have to feel so sad!

Children with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) often experience grief at a much younger age than other children. This touching short story will help children with SEND aged 3+ understand feelings caused by death and loss, and the beautiful hand drawn illustrations help convey the complex experience of bereavement in a simple and clear way. Included is a teacher's guide to talking about bereavement, grief and loss, making this the ideal aid for teachers and support staff at SEND schools and colleges.
  • Published: Aug 21 2017
  • Pages: 40
  • 247 x 246mm
  • ISBN: 9781785923074
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Press Reviews

  • Lisa Parker, Headteacher, Warmley Park School

    Sarah has recognised the need to support children with SEND through the experience of grief and loss. The dilemma of what to say, and how to say it, can be overwhelming at the time of a bereavement within the school community and Sarah has addressed this with sensitivity. Remembering Lucy uses clear, specific language and subtly offers practical activities and strategies that can support children with SEND during the sadness of a bereavement.
  • Suzanne Askham, special school governor, special needs mother and writer on learning disability

    What I love most about Remembering Lucy is that it brings child bereavement into the normal realm - very rare, but normal. Joe and his friends in a special school are full of fun. They love life. When friend Lucy dies, they grieve and remember her and then she lives on in their memories, complete with fun and paint splodges. This simple yet multi-layered story is sensitive, honest, caring and practical.
  • Sue Flavin, Deputy Headteacher, St Nicholas School

    As I read this beautiful book, I was moved by the honesty, sensitivity and integrity of how Sarah presents the issues that schools like ours sometimes face. The events portrayed in this book are exactly as they have happened in our school. There are many challenges with supporting children who have been bereaved, and the difficulties are often more complex for children with special educational needs. This book is a kind and gentle resource for anyone working in this very special environment - an absolute must-have in a school's PSHE toolkit.
  • Dr. Katie Koehler, Child Bereavement UK

    This story book for children with additional needs directly confronts the double taboo of talking with such children about death and grief. With additional guidance for teachers, it is a much needed resource in an area where there is little to support professionals working with children with additional needs.